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Entrepreneurs, engineers, communicators and team builders.

Who we are

How it all started

Software engineers and ex Oracle NetSuite & Amazon employees, Joaquin Varela and Tomas Piaggio founded CreateThrive to deliver tailored software solutions and consulting services. Based in Uruguay, our team is English-fluent, culturally aligned, and operate within the same time zones as our clients. Before the beginning of our journey as a company, our work in multinational companies gave the team an invaluable experience and set of skills.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce + Oracle

While at Oracle NetSuite, the team was working with SuiteCommerce Advanced technologies, building ecommerce sites for big multinational companies such as Snapchat, American Express Global Business Travel, Billabong, Girl Scouts and Maclaren. This years of experience in the NetSuite business were extremely important, the team got to learn SCA from the people who wrote it, while developing complex customizations for demanding clients. We also became NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced certified developers.

Amazon: Big Data Architecture

We were really happy working in Oracle with NetSuite technologies and while we love SCA, you can't say no when Amazon knocks the door. We left our home country and went abroad to work for Amazon in the ICQA department. This was the real beginning for us in terms of Software Engineering because in a company like Amazon you encounter problems and situations you wouldn't find anywhere else, and what's a more valuable experience than that? Big Data and architecture challenges were a daily part of our work and responsibilities there and we're still in touch with our co-workers and managers.

Growth and Development

CreateThrive was founded with one simple goal: Gather all the expertise generated in the past years and create the Software Agency we dreamed of working on. We decided to continue working with NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced projects - we know how to do it and we do it well - but at the same time diversify the business areas. We partnered with Analytics Fire (Silicon Valley Startup) and TavanoTeam (SCA consultants) and started building a team of talented engineers capable of delivering high quality software.
And this is just the beginning of our journey.

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Meet the Team

Joaquin Varela

CEO / Co-Founder

Tomas Piaggio

CTO / Co-Founder

Alejandro Grunwaldt

Technical Lead

Francisco Pollio

Full-Stack Developer

Federica Freyre

Full-Stack Developer

Andres Torrado

Full-Stack Developer

Sofia Laborda

UX/UI Designer

Juan Bautista Heber

Full-Stack Developer

Federico Palermo

Full-Stack Developer

Carolyn Symonds

Full-Stack Developer

Mateo Kruk

Full-Stack Developer